The Worst Thing about this Bane Figure: There's Only One

​7 Reasons Batman Needs to Shut Arkham Asylum Down Forever

If you're a lunatic in the DC universe, then you know all about Arkham Asylum. Ostensibly a place to cure the world's worst and craziest supervillains, it's never successfully accomplished anything other than giving Batman more work to do — here are the reasons why. » 8/25/14 3:07pm 8/25/14 3:07pm

Batman Battles The Suicide Squad In The New Assault On Arkham Movie

Batman's next straight-to-DVD animated adventure is set in the Arkham Asylum videogame universe, although you'd be hard-pressed to tell from this trailer. Still, watching the Suicide Squad get caught between Batman and the Joker seems like a good time no matter what. » 4/22/14 5:30am 4/22/14 5:30am

It Took One Year to Make This Criminally Insane LEGO Arkham Asylum

Not only did Thorsten Bonsch spend a year of his spare time constructing a gloriously macabre LEGO rendering of Arkham Asylum, he also released an 82-page, step-by-step making-of book that you can download for yourself. » 11/03/13 3:41pm 11/03/13 3:41pm

The Evolution Of DC Comics' Characters In Video Games

Injustice: Gods Among Us, the latest fighting game based on the DC Universe characters, just hit the shelves today in North America. This gave us a great opportunity to ride back in time and see DC Comics characters featured in video games evolve from large dull pixels to realistic entities. » 4/16/13 5:00pm 4/16/13 5:00pm

Report: The Next Batman Game Will Be A Prequel To Arkham Asylum

The next Batman game will be a prequel that centers around Batman's first encounter with the Joker, according to a new report. » 7/11/12 9:39am 7/11/12 9:39am

Two Voice Actors Out Arkham Asylum 2 Villains

Mister Freeze and Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra's (Ra?) will be foes in Batman: Arkham Asylum, according to two voice actors' comments on a podcast and via Twitter. » 4/19/10 9:30pm 4/19/10 9:30pm