New Tomb Raider Movie Will Be a "Character Piece"

The original Tomb Raider movies were over-the-top and comic bookish. Since the game is being rebooted, the movies are, too. Don't expect Angelina Jolie! The 2013 Tomb Raider flick is Jolie-free. » 11/21/11 8:00am 11/21/11 8:00am

Brad Pitt Is too Old, Mean for Video Games

Never mind that 47-year-old actor Brad Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie, star of the Tomb Raider movies, the Hollywood actor is apparently worried that their children are playing too many games. » 10/31/11 6:30am 10/31/11 6:30am

Tomb Raider Movie Reboot Raids Iron Man Writing Team

The Angelina-free 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider movie franchise picks up steam today, as GK Films taps Iron Man movie scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby to write Lara's latest big screen adventure. » 5/05/11 12:00pm 5/05/11 12:00pm

Angelina Jolie Annoyed Megan Fox Might Be Lara Croft

According to The Sun (yes, we know), mega star Angelina Jolie is peeved that Transformers actress Megan Fox is being mentioned as her Tomb Raider replacement. » 6/25/09 1:00am 6/25/09 1:00am

Next Tomb Raider Film Features Younger Lara Croft

It looks like Angelina Jolie's time as Lara Croft could be at an end, with the next Tomb Raider movie being an origin story featuring a much younger Lara Croft. » 5/19/09 11:40am 5/19/09 11:40am

Angelina Jolie Loves Her Fitness Gaming

Lara Croft actress and borderline anorexic Angelina Jolie has been using Let’s Pilates and her kids’ » 11/06/08 4:00pm 11/06/08 4:00pm DS to shed her post-pregnancy pounds, according to America’s OK! Magazine. So the good news is that Jolie gets that games can be a force for good. The bad news, if she keeps dieting she’s going to disappear. [STV]

How Angelina Jolie Explains Game Violence To Her Kids

For a celebrity whose past is filled with questionable choices — nearly making out with her own brother on camera, having "Billy Bob" tattooed on her arm, making two Tomb Raider » 11/03/08 9:30pm 11/03/08 9:30pm movies — Angelina Jolie has taken a shocking turn for the normal. The UN goodwill ambassador has a decent head on her shoulders, at least in…

Ninja Theory Thinks It Could Make Beowulf Cheaper, Way Cheaper

Film Beowulf was sure expensive to make! The CG-laden flick was budgeted around US$150 million — not exactly chump change. Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory thinks it could have done the flick cheaper. Twenty percent of the cost, actually! Oh ho ho ho. Let's hear what Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades has to say: » 6/11/08 6:00am 6/11/08 6:00am