How Angelina Jolie Explains Game Violence To Her Kids

For a celebrity whose past is filled with questionable choices — nearly making out with her own brother on camera, having "Billy Bob" tattooed on her arm, making two Tomb Raider »11/03/08 9:30pm11/03/08 9:30pm movies — Angelina Jolie has taken a shocking turn for the normal. The UN goodwill ambassador has a decent head on her shoulders, at least in…

Ninja Theory Thinks It Could Make Beowulf Cheaper, Way Cheaper

Film Beowulf was sure expensive to make! The CG-laden flick was budgeted around US$150 million — not exactly chump change. Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory thinks it could have done the flick cheaper. Twenty percent of the cost, actually! Oh ho ho ho. Let's hear what Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades has to say: »6/11/08 6:00am6/11/08 6:00am