American McGee's Five-Year-Old Grimm Series Seeks New Life On Steam

Back in the summer of 2008, a game called American McGee's Grimm debuted on GameTapan episodic action-adventure written by R. J. Berg, who also worked on American McGee's Alice. In the following one and a half year period, Grimm received 22 additional episodes. And now, it's on Steam Greenlight. » 7/30/13 5:40am 7/30/13 5:40am

In a Kickstarter update, American McGee announced that famed Hong Kong writer/director Tsui Hark is now part of his Alice: Otherlands animated film project. "I'd join the team to make this project a wonderful success," said Hark, whom McGee called "one of the masters of kick-ass." » 7/22/13 6:20am 7/22/13 6:20am

American McGee Starts New Kickstarter Campaign to Fund The Alice Film

In order to develop a series of animated shorts based on his Alice universe, series creator American McGee, following the cancellation of his most recent Kickstarter campaign, has now launched a new Kickstarter campaign. » 7/16/13 5:20am 7/16/13 5:20am

OZombie Shuttered as American McGee Pursues Alice Film Rights

OZombie—American McGee's zombie take on the Oz stories—has been taken off of Kickstarter so its studio, Spicy Horse, can focus on securing the film rights to the Alice series McGee created. » 7/15/13 12:00pm 7/15/13 12:00pm

American McGee Wants Your Help Securing the Film Rights for Alice

American McGee's twisted take on Alice in Wonderland has been capturing the imagination of fans since the original game debuted back in 2000. The movie rights to his vision have been bouncing around for nearly as long. Now McGee wants them back, but he can't do it alone. » 7/02/13 6:45pm 7/02/13 6:45pm

A Zombie Steampunk Wizard Of Oz? Sure, Why Not.

American McGee's Spicy Horse studio just launched a Kickstarter for a new game where you play as Dorothy going up against the Scarecrow. And it looks a lot cooler than it sounds. » 6/25/13 2:00am 6/25/13 2:00am

American McGee Retracts His "Tricked" Remarks in an Apology of Sorts

While in a Reddit AMA, game designer American McGee said that EA wanted to "trick" gamers into thinking Alice: Madness Returns was as dark as its marketing and called this tactic part of a "race to the bottom." » 1/23/13 4:30am 1/23/13 4:30am

EA Was Out To "Trick" Gamers, Says Alice Creator American McGee

The marketing for Alice: Madness Returns was dark. The game itself, though, was mostly just strange, with a dash of quaint. Why the disconnect? Well, according to the series' creator American McGee, it's all EA's fault. » 1/22/13 2:00am 1/22/13 2:00am

American McGee Defends His Kickstarter Game, Says It's '100% Finished'

Last week, I wrote about Akaneiro, a game designed by American McGee (Alice) and announced back in 2011. McGee and his team went to Kickstarter to ask for $200,000 "to finish what [they've] started." » 1/07/13 4:00pm 1/07/13 4:00pm

American McGee's Studio Is Out Of Money To Finish Their Game, Wants…

The studio of game designer American McGee—best known for designing the horror game Alice and its sequel, Alice: Madness Returns—has run out of money to finish their next game. » 1/04/13 10:40am 1/04/13 10:40am

Finally! True Cross-Platform Gaming with Crazy Fairy Tale Characters

Crazy Fairies: One World » 7/10/12 8:00am 7/10/12 8:00am is the newest game by American McGee's Spicy Horse studio. Inspired by fairy tales from across the world, is a multiplayer social game that can be simultaneously played across web browsers as well as iOS, and Android devices in real time.

The Latest from American McGee Is Bighead Bash

Well, not including Akaneiro. American McGee and his Shanghai-based studio Spicy Horse are rolling out a new online game called Bighead Bash. More in the link. [Bighead Bash] » 5/31/12 7:30am 5/31/12 7:30am

Akaneiro Is the Next Game from American McGee's Spicy Horse

Game designer American McGee and his Shanghai-based » 4/10/12 4:01am 4/10/12 4:01am Spicy Horse are known for their vivid fantasies and brilliant art design. The studio's upcoming title looks to be no exception.

This Hysteria Alice Figure Is a Bloody, Wicked Mess

Coming to comic shops and specialty retailers near you, these Gentle Giant sculpted action figures give Alice: Madness Returns a chance to play with the darker side of Lewis Carroll's creations. » 12/15/11 1:40pm 12/15/11 1:40pm

Alice: Madness Returns is Less Curiouser and Curiouser, more Averager…

The semi-sequel to American McGee's Alice arrived last week. A timely return to a gothic wonderland, or is too late, too late for a very important date with our hard drives? Come on, down the rabbit hole with you and let's find out… » 6/21/11 11:00am 6/21/11 11:00am

About Time Somebody Thought to Remaster Old Trailers In HD

Reader Gray, with a little help from actress Jennymarie Jemison and Zane Rutledge, one of the original Alice's CG artists, has sent us two clips fans of American McGee's and EA's series might be interested in. » 6/16/11 1:30am 6/16/11 1:30am

Do Not Adjust Your Brains, It's Just The Alice: Madness Returns Launch…

Like countless crayon drawings from a crazed mind coming together to form a giant disturbing picture, American McGee's vision coalesces in the launch trailer for Alice: Madness Returns. » 6/02/11 3:20pm 6/02/11 3:20pm

American McGee Says American McGee's Alice Is Coming To The New Alice:…

Perhaps you're interested in playing the new fantasy adventure Alice: Madness Returns, but have never enjoyed the 11-year-old PC original. Worry not, for it appears that the first game, American McGee's Alice is coming to consoles as a downloadable game as well. » 4/18/11 6:30pm 4/18/11 6:30pm