Which Studio's Attempt To Copy Marvel's Movie Universe Is Most Doomed?

The rules have changed for superhero movies. Any studio that's serious about being in the game is openly trying to copy Marvel's comic-book-esque strategy of a shared universe and an interlocking series of series, with crossovers. But which studio is most likely to succeed in grabbing at Marvel's crown? »3/31/14 1:53pm3/31/14 1:53pm

Major scoops for Avengers, Terminator 5, Dr Strange and Game of Thrones

Could Marvel make a Captain Marvel movie instead of a solo Black Widow film? Rachel McAdams leaves Passengers. Terminator: Genesis casts a major supporting charater. Peter Dinklage discusses Tyrion in Game of Thrones season 4. Plus, Kevin Feige explains magic in Doctor Strange and a building-sized Captain America »3/17/14 12:30pm3/17/14 12:30pm

Action is His Your Reward in Activision’s New Amazing Spider-Man Game

There's a Spider-Man movie reboot coming next summer, with The Social Network's Andrew Garfield wearing the webbed uniform of Marvel Comics' premier character. The Amazing Spider-Man movie will be accompanied by a game of the same name, built by Montreal's Quebec City's Beenox dev studio. That collective turned out… »12/07/11 12:00pm12/07/11 12:00pm

Activision Promises Amazing Spider-Man Will Have More Web-Slinging than Its Predecessors

When Beenox and Activision revealed the impressive, all-gameplay trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man game, the New York Comic-Con attendees at the Marvel Video Games all reacted enthusiastically. But, during the panel's Q&A session, one fan expressed concern over just how long the tie-in game would be when it comes… »10/17/11 12:20pm10/17/11 12:20pm