The Legal Battle Over Aliens: Colonial Marines Just Got Juicy

We're still seeing fallout from one of the biggest video game flops in recent history, and some recent court documents reveal a number of juicy details that give us a behind-the-scenes look at the marketing of Aliens: Colonial Marines, including internal e-mails and some jargon-filled PR plans that are as insane… »9/03/14 4:00pm9/03/14 4:00pm


Lawsuit Claims Aliens: Colonial Marines Used False Advertising

Looking at the demos and previews for Aliens: Colonial Marines, it's difficult not to notice just how much better they look than the final product. Bullshots are one thing—in this case, arguably, Aliens had false advertising. Now there's a class action lawsuit claiming exactly that according to Polygon. »4/30/13 9:30pm4/30/13 9:30pm

Half the People Who Got BioShock Infinite on Steam Have Finished It. Not True for That Walking Dead Shooter

Can we judge the quality of a video game by the number of people who finish it? Probably not, since I've met many a people who just loooove Shadow of the Colossus and never reached the fourth Colossus. Nevertheless, that PC gaming service Steam allows us to determine which games people bother to finish. »4/09/13 6:30pm4/09/13 6:30pm

OXM reports that, in response to a redditor's complaint to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority

OXM reports that, in response to a redditor's complaint to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority about the visible differences between the playable and trailer-demonstrated versions of Aliens: Colonial Marines, Sega Europe has agreed to put disclaimers stating that the game shown is the demo version next to their… »4/03/13 7:05am4/03/13 7:05am

Aliens: Colonial Marines Should Have Followed the Example of Sports' Gaming's Elite

Inside a publisher or a studio, there are few surprises when a video game bombs in its reviews. Before it goes from gold master to warehouse to retailer, the focus groups are empaneled, the "mock reviewers" are contracted, and their verdicts are in. Everyone knows roughly where the game will land in the… »2/17/13 3:30pm2/17/13 3:30pm