Why can't Hollywood make a decent fairy tale movie?

Fairytales contain some of the most delightful make-believe in literature, even with all their creepiness and weirdness. These stories of bargains and trials, distilled by the oral tradition, pack some of the most potent storytelling in any genre, for any audience. So why can't anybody manage to make a halfway decent… » 3/29/13 3:20am 3/29/13 3:20am

One Part Alice in Wonderland, One Part Sherlock Holmes

It's rather suspicious how two games I decided to write about today wound up new entries on this morning's iPad charts. Perhaps I should have Constable Cheshire Jr. and the Mad Hatter look into the matter once they're done unraveling the mystery of Mirrors of Albion. » 10/26/12 12:55pm 10/26/12 12:55pm