Fix Up, Look Sharp In These Amazing Video Game T-Shirts

Michael McWhertor, formerly of Kotaku, currently of GameTrailers and always of chestcloth providers Meat Bun, is brightening up the holiday season with what I think is the best collection of shirts his little operation has yet to come up with. » 12/09/11 2:00am 12/09/11 2:00am

Remembering Sega's Exiled Mascot

Nintendo has Mario. Microsoft has Master Chief. And Sega, well, for a long time Sega has had Sonic the Hedgehog as its mascot. Thing is, Sonic is an usurper. » 4/06/11 12:00am 4/06/11 12:00am

Five Games That Were, And Should Be Again

Wolfire, the charitable types developing kooky PC action game Overgrowth, don't just make games. They imagine what it would be like if people went and remade someone else's old games, making them as awesome in 2010 as they were originally. » 11/04/10 6:00am 11/04/10 6:00am

ESRB Rates Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Blaster Master For Virtual…

The Wii Virtual Console is due to get a double dose of 8-bit adventure soon, as the ESRB has rated Sega Master System spin-off Alex Kidd in Shinobi World and NES classic Blaster Master for Nintendo's service. » 12/07/09 3:40pm 12/07/09 3:40pm

Weeky Wii Update: New Gradius, Old Kidd

Two old favorites return in this week's Wii Update, with the rebirth of Konami's classic shooter, Gradius, and the re-release of Sega's Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars. » 3/09/09 10:20am 3/09/09 10:20am