Another Look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 'Annihilation' in Action

The third downloadable add-on for Call of Duty: Black Ops, "Annihilation," hits next week (for Xbox 360, that is), bringing with it four new maps and one new zombie-slaughtering "experience." Want to see? Watch that video. » 6/22/11 3:40pm 6/22/11 3:40pm

Get An Eyeful of Dead Space 2's New Add-on 'Severed'

Necromorph slayers looking for more dismemberment will want to keep an eye out for the new Dead Space 2 expansion, Severed, coming (only) to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network soon. Let's see half of Dead Space 2: Severed's stars in action. » 2/07/11 6:30pm 2/07/11 6:30pm

Fallout: New Vegas' First DLC Will Be Xbox-Exclusive

As if there was any doubt, Bethesda Softworks reveals plans to support Fallout: New Vegas with downloadable game add-ons, with an Xbox 360 exclusive pack coming out first. Hopefully they'll work this time. » 10/18/10 11:40am 10/18/10 11:40am

Xbox Live's April Deals Of Darkness

Microsoft has revealed the game and add-on discounts coming your way as part of the Xbox Live Deal of the Week program, and odds are you might find something worth spending points on. » 4/03/09 4:20pm 4/03/09 4:20pm

iPhone Too Portable? Try The Marware Game Grip™

If you enjoy playing games on your iPhone but are concerned that the Best Portable Device For Games™ » 11/05/08 5:40pm 11/05/08 5:40pm just doesn't feel enough in your big manly hands, pay attention. The Marware Game Grip is an iPhone case with attached silicone hand grips that is designed to give you something to really while you play. Not…