A Timeless Conclusion With the Man Behind A Hat in Time's Amazing Score

A Hat in Time made a lot of promises during its Kickstarter campaign, from extra sets of levels to co-op, but amongst the list of goals there was a name that caught my attention. If the game reached a certain goal during its pledge, Grant Kirkhope of Banjo-Kazooie fame, would compose a track for the game. »2/02/15 4:00am2/02/15 4:00am


A Timeless Chat with the Man Behind A Hat in Time's Amazing Score

Last November while browsing my life away, I decided to check on a game that was released in the late 90s. You see it’s a tradition of mine to replay Banjo-Kazooie every couple of years, a game that for most is memorable not only for its unique twist on the platforming genre, but also for its music. Many years have… »1/26/15 4:00am1/26/15 4:00am

Yep, Deadly Premonition Is Coming to Steam. Along With 13 Other Games

Rather impressively, it only took six days for the community to put Deadly Premonition on Steam. That's pretty quick. Of course, SWERY's quirky horror game isn't the only title we'll get to play on Steam thanks to Greenlight. There's 13 more games (and two software titles) to look at, so let's dive right in! »7/25/13 5:40am7/25/13 5:40am

A Hat In Time, That Wind Waker Meets Banjo Kazooie Game, Still Looks Amazing

A while ago we showed you an early build of upcoming indie game, A Hat In Time. The game looked delightful then, even though there wasn't too-too much to see, gameplay wise. All we knew were the influences—Wind Waker visuals with Banjo Kazooie gameplay. Now, a month later, the developer, Jonas Kærlev, has more to… »1/07/13 8:00pm1/07/13 8:00pm

This Game Mixes Wind Waker's Cel-Shading With The Gameplay of Banjo Kazooie

While it's just in alpha, Danish developer Jonas Kærlev's game A Hat In Time still manages to look positively delightful. All one has to do is look at the many videos Kærlev has uploaded to get a sense of how charming this game is. Here's a couple, though the game's YouTube page features a good handful more. »12/04/12 5:00pm12/04/12 5:00pm