The World of Goo Soundtrack Had No Business Being So Crazy Good

Think about it: World of Goo » 6/28/12 9:00pm 6/28/12 9:00pm. Simple game, simple premise. Move the goo, stack the goo, get to the ending point. There was some kind of narrative, but that didn't matter so much, did it?

There's A World of Goo For Your Android Device Too

World of Goo, already a hit on WiiWare, PC and iOS, is building a gooey bridge to Android. Yes, that means phones and tablets, says 2D Boy, which is "working out the final kinks in the machinery." [2D Boy] » 10/03/11 10:00pm 10/03/11 10:00pm

World of Goo For iPhone Out 'Soonish' And Cheap

2D Boy's more portable version of WiiWare and PC great World of Goo is due for the iPhone "soonish," according to its developers. The better news is that it will launch at 99 cents and will be free for those who already own the iPad version. More at 2D Boy. » 4/04/11 4:20pm 4/04/11 4:20pm

Touch World Of Goo On Your iPad (Soon)

2D Boy, makers of WiiWare/PC hit World of Goo, are bringing their game to Apple's iPad, bringing with it support for up to 11 fingers at once. When can we expect this all-new, touchscreen-controlled World of Goo? » 11/22/10 4:30pm 11/22/10 4:30pm

Watch World Of Goo Co-Creator Make His WarioWare Microgame

WarioWare: D.I.Y. lets budding young game designers with short attention spans make their own video games. Sure they may last less than 10 seconds, but that's enough for some. How does professional video game maker Ron Carmel do? » 4/05/10 9:00pm 4/05/10 9:00pm

World Of Goo Birthday Sale Final Results: America Represent

2D Boy's pay-what-you-like sale on World of Goo has ended, with statistics showing that Brazilians are generous, PC gamers are cheap, and posting mid-point results is an excellent way to up your price averages. » 10/28/09 11:20am 10/28/09 11:20am

World Of Goo Birthday Sale: The Results Are In

2D Boy celebrated the World of Goo's birthday by allowing folks to pay whatever price they wanted for the PC version of the game, from a penny on up. Let's see how that worked out. » 10/20/09 12:20pm 10/20/09 12:20pm

So Apparently No One Cares About Valve's Conflict-of-Interest

We've heard one developer say they didn't feel exploited by Valve, despite Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's assertion that that's exactly what Steam does. Today, Ars Technica lets us hear from a few more. » 10/20/09 3:30am 10/20/09 3:30am

Get The Whole World Of Goo In Your Hands For $5 This Weekend

Stumped for something to play this weekend? Play World of Goo! The 2D Boy developed puzzler is the current Steam Weekend Deal, marked down a ludicrous 75%. That means a paltry $5 to you. » 3/06/09 8:00pm 3/06/09 8:00pm

World of Goo Arrives on Linux

Linux gamers do in fact exist and, as promised by 2D Boy, they can now start playing acclaimed indie puzzler World of Goo. The developers have also talked about the challenge of Linux porting. » 2/14/09 2:00pm 2/14/09 2:00pm

90% Of World Of Goo Installs Are Pirated

When 2D Boy released World of Goo » 11/13/08 6:20pm 11/13/08 6:20pm, they decided to put their trust in gamers' consciences and send it out into the world unhindered by DRM or copy protection. Nice one, 2D Boy! So, how did that work out for you guys? "Last we checked the piracy rate was about 90%" said 2D Boy's Ron Carmel, his faith in humanity…

World Of Goo Review: Fun Bounces Off Me And Sticks To You

Know that I am not a "puzzles man". Narrative-driven problems in an adventure game, I can do, but a wholly-dedicated puzzle game? Not for me. The endless repetition, the cold, sterile environments and the focus on head-scratching over finger-twitching seems more like punishment than enjoyment. And yet, here I am,… » 10/23/08 3:00pm 10/23/08 3:00pm

World Of Goo Goes Gold, WiiWare Version Coming Soon

Great news for fans of independent game development! World of Goo, the game created by former Maxis and EA employees Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, has gone gold. We've been following World of Goo for quite some time now, from early gameplay clips » 9/10/08 1:40pm 9/10/08 1:40pm to its stint as an , which earned the title awards for Technical…