Another year, another round of holiday gift shopping. But what should you buy all those special people in your life? What should you be looking for on this hectic Black Friday?

We're here to help. We've covered a ton of gift-buying options, from games on various platforms to specific price ranges to help make things convenient. We have both editor-suggested gifts as well as reader submissions in each of the post discussions below. Feel free to share more if you missed out, or use these guides to help guide your buying needs.

And happy holidays!

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Buy The PC Gaming Enthusiast?

Ah, the holidays. That time of year where your wallet is empty and your belly is full. It's a trade-off I'm willing to make. Especially if it means we get our hands on some delightful goodies, some perhaps gaming related!
But what do you get that special PC gaming enthusiast in your life? More »


Holiday Gift Guide: What Awesome Gift Can You Get For $0-$25?

Just because the holidays are coming up doesn't necessarily mean you have to get crazy gifts for everyone. What if you want a quality gift for a non-terrorizing price?
Downloadable games, accessories, art prints? More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Person Who Doesn't Game?

Just cause someone doesn't play games as regularly as you do doesn't mean they wouldn't be up for a friendly introduction. So what do you get that one friend, cousin, sibling, aunt?
Watch out for our editors chiming in down below, but share your ideas with everyone, too! More »

The Best Comics To Give This Holiday Season

Ok, yes: there are some people in your life who don't share your love for panels and word balloons. Yet you want them to feel the joy of getting you just the right gift. More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Buy The Xbox Gamer?

We've shared some PC gift suggestions-from keyboards to games-and gifts that will cost you under $25. But today we want to suggest games and accessories to match an Xbox 360.
Our editors are chiming in below, but feel free to post suggestions. More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Gamer That Has Everything?

You know the friend. The one that has bought and seemingly played every game before you can even launch Steam to purchase that new title. You know the one. More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The PlayStation Gamer?

Does your gaming friend or relative have a PlayStation 3? Maybe you want to buy them one. But even if they already do own Sony's home console, your friend, relative or puppy (don't judge) might need some new games.
So what will it be? More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The 3DS Gamer?

If your friend is a handheld fiend, they may just own a Nintendo 3DS, DS, or Xl version of either.
What would you get them? The circle pad pro? A new game? More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Gift Can You Get For $26-$100?

The holiday gift guides continue! What gift ideas do you have that range from $26-$100? As opposed to the more cost effective suggestions we shared yesterday, these might be for a closer friend.
We'll be sharing down in the discussions below, but feel free to drop your own suggestions. More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Can You Get For Over $100?

Oooo who is that special someone you're planning on buying such lavish gifts for?
Whoever it is, they're lucky! There are definitely a wide array of fancy gaming gift options. More »

Holiday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Vita Gamer?

Here we have yet another handheld gamer, and the Vita gamer needs holiday love, too. Perhaps more so than any other gamer, since the pickings are still somewhat (at least relatively) slim. More »