I'm a huge geek for Adventure Time . And like any true, dedicated geek, I want to see one of my favorite shows plastered everywhere. Even my iPhone background is of Jake . Feel free to steal it, because it is awesome.

Reddit user ungivenglory is also a big fan of Adventure Time, and he also wants to see the animated show put into other forms. That's why he made this intro sequence for a potential game—it's not a real game, sadly—and will hopefully prove inspiration for someone to pick up on the idea.

I'm not necessarily sold on the 8-bit scheme, or the idea of a puzzle/beat-em-up game that the creator suggests. His thoughts were, "Imagine A Boy and his Blob meets Double Dragon, Puzzle/Beat-em-up." Another Reddit user suggested he look into Kickstarter, which is proving to be useful for both established and budding developers. We may yet see more of this new invention (*crosses fingers*).


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