Review Round-Up: Yakuza Greed, Street Fighter Max

With the use of some red ink and some blue ink, we reviewed some video games this week. Links to the results are below. How'd we do?

Brother In Arms 2 Micro-Review: Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?
In which Brian Ashcraft could have sworn he was playing Thumbs: The Game

Scrap Metal Micro-Review: There's a Difference Between Mindless and Pointless
In which Owen Good does not want to grind.

Greed Corp Micro-Review: Is Greed Good?

In which Ashcraft declares that this game "could very well be the most topically relevant downloadable game released so far this year."

Yakuza 3 Review: A Foreign Film Festival
In which Luke Plunkett laments PS2-level standards in his PS3 game.


Max & The Magic Marker Micro-Review: What If The DS Was My TV?
In which I realized that the DSi XL might not be big enough.

Street Fighter IV iPhone Review: A Party For One
In which Brian Crecente finished a Street Fighter gamer in under 10 minutes.