Hot off the heels of the previous fun run, the folks over in Taiwan have held another hero run. This time, they run for the Dark Knight!

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman's publication, the fine folks over at Warner Bros. have set up a night time fun run for the Taiwanese fans of the Bat. Held on Saturday, upwards of 10,000 people ran a 5-kilometer course on Taipei's riverside biking route.

Held in the same fashion as the previous Marvel Superhero fun run, participants could choose to dress up as the Gotham hero himself, or wear appropriately decaled shirts. Of course some people just showed up as heroes!


The run was sponsored and planned by Warner Bros. with the help of Taipei city's tourism and athletic departments. Many of the runners were given t-shirts and memorabilia celebrating the caped crusader. According to Apple Daily, WB handed out shirts featuring the different eras of Batman. Runners were also given a wrist band and a led light that showed the bat signal!


This isn't the first fun run the folks over in the Taipei government have allowed. As mentioned earlier, there was a superhero fun run earlier this year, and in previous years there has been a fun run for the sports brand Puma, and one for Hello Kitty.

These fun runs, while "fun" and all, aren't like the runs held in other parts of the world. Other fun runs, like Super Hero Run, in the States are runs for charity. These do have a charity aspect, but it's not the main reason.

All in all, it seems like a good bit of fun and exercise. Having traversed the course the runners have taken, I can say that there are actual bats flying around there at night. No word on grisly murders or crimes, but who knows, maybe there will be a Taiwanese Batman?


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