Prepare your wallet and your backlog, here are a whole bunch of PC pre-order deals.

Get a $5 Amazon credit with the following games. Several of the games are cheaper from Green Man Gaming in the second list, but the Amazon deals will be around longer and some people have trouble with GMG, so we're giving you both.

and more deals from Green Man Gaming:

More $10 credits are being handed out from the Microsoft Store for your pre-orders today.

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For now, the Xbox 360 Controller remains the king of PC Gamepads . It's $25 today. [Xbox 360 Controller]

Microsoft's new promotion that gives you a free game of your choice with the purchase of a new Xbox One is now live, and runs through September 13th. [Xbox One Free Game Promotion]

We go into more detail here .

Another new option is to buy this bundle from eBay (Newegg), which includes the Forza 5 Kinect Bundle, Destiny, and a year of LIVE for $500.

The Razer Blackwidow is your favorite gaming keyboard by a pretty huge margin, and the 2014 tournament edition is available for $80 today, with a free $30 Newegg gift card thrown in. [RAZER Blackwidow 2014 Tournament Edition Black Essential Mechanical Keyboard plus $30 Gift Card, $80]

It's been awhile since Amazon has had one of these flash storage blowouts, but the wait was worth it. Today only, you can get fantastic deals on SD cards, Micros SD cards, flash drives, and even a few SSDs.

All of the deals are solid, and SanDisk makes great products, but the belle of the ball is definitely the 128GB MicroSD card for $100. It's actually the second generation 128GB MicroSD card from SanDisk, which is still the only company that's making them. It'll get you read speeds of up to 48MB/s, vs. 30 for its popular predecessor. [Amazon]

This Mechanical Keyboard Switch Sampler Is My New Favorite Desk Toy

Logitech makes fantastic wireless mice, and while I might choose something nicer than the M317 for my daily driver, at $9, this is a great backup option. [Logitech Wireless Mouse M317, $9]

This Funko POP! Dancing Groot is the Best Groot Toy You Can Buy , and now you can actually buy it. It's already beaten out Cards Against Humanity to be the best-selling toy/game on Amazon. [Groot]

Several gorgeous BBC Life Sets, including the excellent Planet Earth, are at price lows today. Your Blu-ray player deserves these discs. [BBC Life]

For only $50 today, you can make your own cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolates at home with this attractive and highly-rated milk frother and heater. [ Chefs Star Premium Automatic Milk Frother, Heater, and Cappuccino Maker, $50]

If you're tired of suffering from indoor allergies, purifiers don't get much better than the Blueair 403. This refurbished model is still an investment at $300, but it goes for $549 on Amazon with stellar reviews. [Refurb Blueair 403 HEPASilent Air Purification System, $305]

There's no telling how long this will last, but for right now, if you click through a very brief slideshow extolling the virtues of PayPal Checkout, you'll get a choice of rewards at the end, including a $5 PayPal credit. That's free money! [ $5 PayPal Credit]




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