Your First Look At Steam Running On A Mac

Valve's PC gaming platform and online store, Steam, is coming to Apple's Mac. And while it's not yet available to Joe Everyman, some people are already messing around with it, giving us our first look at it in action.


And, surprise! It looks just like it does on PC. Only, it's running on a Mac desktop, instead of a PC.

The settings and options all look as you'd expect, but the one thing we really want to see - the full list of games available at launch - isn't there. Bummer.

Oh, and some advice: hit mute before watching.

First Screenshots of Steam for Mac [Update: Video] [MacStories]


Still dunno the point of this. Obviously market saturation, but Macs are horrible gaming machines. It's literally $2000 for the price of a $650 PC off of newegg and that's only mid-range computing.

Not sure what Valve is thinking besides more money (is the juice worth the squeeze?) but I guess I hope Mac users enjoy their total of 11 games that work on them on Steam out of 3,589.