Capcom gave Ken Masters a makeover for Street Fighter V, so last week I asked our image manipulation savvy readers to see if they could do it better. I believe the results speak for themselves.

There were two entries that particularly stood out this week. The first was TulsaMtnBiker’s amazingly subtle application of bacon to one of Capcom’s preexisting screenshots. Here’s the original shot:

...and here is Tulsa’s take:

I shall name him Ba-Ken, as he is found everywhere and many people are already sick of him.


The other major stand-out image came from DeadpoolVariant. I asked for a new Ken, and he delivered.

Unfortunately there is only really one rule for the ‘Shop Contest, and the submitted image was only 600 pixels wide instead of 636. So instead of being a winner and featured in the post, DeadpoolVariant winds up featured in the post anyway, but as an example of some sort. I probably should have thought this through.

Too late now, we’re already onto...

This Week’s Knights Ken-Dragon

TGS1985 — largely due to my wife currently working her way through Brootherhood.

Hundredgunner — that face always gets me.

Ganonthegreat1 — for making Trump slightly more likable.

Pedro Silva — as long as he doesn’t face-off against any birds.

Nothuman99 — the hills are alive. >.>

Fizziks — for doing it the Ken-way.

sciteach — for adhering to healthy school lunch guidelines.

Soniku — for a slightly more realistic Ken.

Cakegolem — because it’s totally extreme.

uscg_pa — because you need no excuse for Thundercats.

DistractedObserver — for fixing Dragonball Evolution’s hair.

Kaploy9 — and now I am hungry.

My other car was the other woman — for the vigorous Fisting.

bluehinter — for trying to explain that hand.

Mrichston — for my favorite Barbie reference entry.

BDM — because he’s worth it.

Mark — for actually attempting to fix it.

Nonmanual — because that’s fucking Arya Stark.

MrDeadScott — out of sheer habit.

nobody231 — another attempt at serious design!

T16 — for taking my joke and running with it.

CityShrimp — for Ken Masters of the Universe.

yokld! — for what’s actually a pretty neat image.

And of course...

TulsaMtnBiker for the win!

Join us later today, when other things shall happen!