Microsoft opened things up today, and Sony brings Monday's E3 presentation madness to a close. Tonight, Sony showed us a ton of stuff over the course of two hours—and people had plenty to say about it all.

The general sentiment I got is that people thought Sony's presser was strong, despite having a few middling parts or disappointing elements. It helped that Sony seemed very confident. Very confident.


Here's some of what people have to say about Sony's E3 presentation, be it on the company, the PS4, or any of the games showcased tonight:

(There's a white PS4 now!)

(Far Cry 4 featured elephants, in case you're confused.)

(Nobody saw this one coming!)

(No Man's Sky seemed to wow everyone tonight.)

(The developers of No Man's Sky had a bit of a flooding problem last year—but to be clear, nobody actually drowned.)

(The presentation did run sort of long...)

On The Last Guardian:

(This is in reference to the PlayStation CEO's many, many hand gestures.)

On LittleBigPlanet 3:

Shesellssheshells caught a weird moment during the start of the presentation, when some audio seemed to come out of nowhere:

On Uncharted 4:

Folks couldn't seem to decide what Uncharted 4's ominous title refers to:

When it comes to GTA V, as happy as people are to see it on current platforms, there's only one thing on people's minds:

And finally, Francis throws his hat into the ring:

What about you, what did you think about Sony's E3 presentation? Let us know in the comments.