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You Lose Blood Every Time You're Shot With This Controller [Update]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Blood Sport is the perfect name for am ambitious piece of technology: a rig that will link medical hardware to a video game, and take some of your blood whenever you're hit. All for a good cause, of course.

UPDATE - The campaign has been suspended, its creators writing:"Hi All! We're currently suspended and looking into the reason. Stay tuned, and make sure to start training for Blood Sport by donating some blood down at the clinic while we figure this out!"


Despite hospitals and emergency services the world over needing fresh blood every day for transfusions, there are never enough people willing to donate the stuff. Blood Sport is looking to make the act a little more lucrative, linking the charitable aspect (the losing blood part) to some fun (the video game part).

It's really simple: the electrical signal from a controller's rumble is linked to a fairly standard blood collection system. Every time the controller rumbles, some blood is taken from you.


While this might mean it takes a little longer (depending on how good you are at avoiding damage!) to donate the blood, if it means more blood is collected, the longer waits will be worth it.

Blood Sport is currently up on Kickstarter.