Angry Birds Movie Trailer Hits Way After the Fad Is Over

Angry Birds was incredibly hot, like, three years ago. T-shirts, toys and probably too many games... you couldn’t escape the upset avians of publisher Rovio’s hit series. And now that the public obsession has cooled to lukewarm, we get our first look at the Angry Birds movie.


The deal to make a movie out of Rovio’s now-faded Angry Birds franchise was struck three years ago. That’s probably why they were able to line superstar talent like Jason Sudekis, Josh Gad, Maya Rudolph and others. The trailer makes it seem like the movie’s going to try and make real characters out the birds who just been a set of abilities. Angry Birds’ glory days are behind us but the movie might be a surprise. Who knows?


You know what I see?

A generic bird movie that somebody said “Hey let’s make this the ANGRY birds!”

And then Sony went “Yeah let’s do that!” because it was three years ago and they have no idea how fads work.


One thing I will give the trailer credit for, is I can see the basic premise of the game in here. This particular set of birds are angry outcasts, but then the pigs will come and I’m guessing attempt to take over and build condos or something (because commericalism = evil) and the angry birds will step up to save the day.

Likely by destroying said condos and the pigs headquarters.

So in that regard, this is probably the *best* you could do with the license. A more literal interpretation (pigs come, steal eggs, slingshots ensue) would never have held up a 90 minute feature.

Now, all that said, watch that be the entire next trailer.