Cosplay is huge in China and Taiwan. It's become an industry in itself, where young men and women get paid to dress up. However, as glorious as it is to get paid to for cosplay, one girl's tale reveals that cosplayers in China may not be making as much money as one would think.

In a recent forum post, as reported by Tencent, it's revealed that regular cosplayers who sell their cosplay services make little or no money at all. According to the forum and Tencent, cosplayers make about $40 a day for their work. Work that involves putting on their own makeup, putting together elaborate costumes and of course, posing in front of a camera.

The story and the forum post follows the tale of an unnamed Chinese cosplayer who has yet to make a name for herself. It states that she often has to dress in revealing clothing and pose in the elements for relatively small amounts of money—a situation indicative of how lesser-known cosplayers are generally treated in China.

Of course while she's not making much money now, there is a bright side. Many of these young people partake in China's pro cosplay scene both out of the love for cosplay and the potential to gain fame (or notoriety). If she works hard at it, perhaps she will one day become famous.

比东莞还低 游戏COSER"全天服务价"仅400 [Tencent]

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