Yes, Fallout Shelter Is Coming To Android

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Android users left out in the cold by the announcement (and release!) of Fallout Shelter, you haven’t been forgotten. You’ve just been reminded that for many developers, sadly, you are still second fiddle.


While iOS users play and enjoy the game right now, anyone with a Samsung/LG/HTC/Sony/whatever is going to have to wait a few months.




I will never understand why Android is “second fiddle” to iOS in terms of big game developers. Every gamer I know shuns Apple products religiously (and a little ridiculously). Hell, I feel like most tech-savvy people do. I feel like the bulk of Apple users don’t even know what Fallout is (the game OR the concept).

Yes, I know that plenty of gamers and tech-savvy folks have iPhones and iWhatevers, I just feel like the number is dwarfed by Android users. I don’t have any numbers or anything, just a feeling I get. I am prepared to be wrong, but I’m not prepared to admit the number of iOS gamers is BIGGER than Android gamers. At worst I’d say they’re even.

Edit: I’m being told that the answer to this quandary is that iOS is easier to program for, which I’ll accept. It’s still disappointing, though.