Look, if you're going to be in the propaganda business, you need to remember one thing: Get Photoshop right!

According to China News (via HugChina), the above photo supposedly features the vice mayor of Ningguo county and other officials "visiting" a 100-year-old woman—a very small one hundred year old woman, surrounded by a halo and giants.

This isn't the first Chinese bureaucratic Photoshop fail, and it probably won't be the last!

The photo appeared on the the Civil Affairs of Ningguo County's official website, along with other visitation photos that certainly do appear to be real.

Since this pic was spotted, however, it (and the website, apparently) can no longer be accessed. While this might just seem like crappy Photoshop (it is!), some net users in China are angry about the pic, pointing to it as another example of government dishonesty.


Maybe! But, I'll point to it as another horrible Photoshop.

安徽宁国官员看望老人照片疑似PS 领导身体悬空(图) [ChinaNews via HugChina via Beijing Cream]

Another Massive Photoshop Fail in China [Foreign Policy]

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