Would You Like To See All Of The Xbox 360 Games?

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Released in Japan, that is. One Japanese man has amassed a collection of all the Xbox 360 games released in The Land of the Rising Sun.


This individual claims he has run out of shelf space. And for good measure, he also has all the original Xbox games, too. If you are ever wondering what is keeping Xbox 360 games afloat in Japan, perhaps it is this?

But he is only one man. He can only do so much.

Microsoft Japan previously showed off all the domestically release Xbox 360 titles — but the company didn't have to actually buy them.

The Xbox 360 launched in Japan in December 2005. And while initial reports were that the console sold out at least one Tokyo retailer, the rest of the country's sales tally showed a totally different story altogether. In 2007, posters on Japanese bulletin board explained why the console was not popular in Japan.

The following year showed a spike in popularity when Namco Bandai role-playing game Tales of Vesperia was released on the Xbox 360. The game was so popular that it actually caused a shortage of Xbox 360s in Japan. That game, however, went multi-platform and later was released on the PS3.


Xbox360の日本発売ソフトをコンプリートしたガチのゲームコレクターが現れる [はちま起稿]



If you look closely, the shelf isn't only limited to Xbox360 and original Xbox games. But there are also some PS3 games in there as well.

Sorry just had to say it ;)

If he is only a man. What is it then?