Mentally Challenged Man Beaten For His GTA V (Happy Ending Follows)

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Rohan Dawkins (above, left), from Delray Beach, Florida, is a student at a local ACCESS program for adults with intellectual disabilities. Having saved up money from his weekend job at a Home Depot he, like millions of other people around the world, was able to buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto V last week. Unlike millions of other people, though, he was robbed on his way home, punched and kicked while two people - a married couple, no less - stole his game.


Because the universe sometimes works the way it should, and makes shitty situations like this right, media coverage had locals moving fast to make amends. Dawkins already has a replacement copy, bought by one of his fellow ACCESS students, while he's had other offers of help including a GameStop saying they'll give him a collectors edition of GTA V, while another anonymous local is going to buy him an annual bus pass, since Dawkins needs to take public transport to get to and from his job.

The two suspects in the robbery, Tommy Davis and Adele Jones, have since been arrested after being identified on CCTV footage.

Rohan Dawkins Grand Theft Auto V robbery update: Victim given a new video game after his was stolen [WPTV]



Why is this happening so much?

This is a serious question. I've read about this sorta thing - an attack for GTA5, - loads of times now. I guess it's probably just a case of each case being reported on for the absurdity... But it really does seem weird.

Are people that desperate for a game?

Has it happened at other worldwide releases of popular things?

Is it really worth that much that thugs will attack and steal it to sell it on?