We Need More Taco-Themed Multiplayer Modes In Our Shooters

Over the years I've defended countless flags from the enemy, but I can't recall defending a single grilled taco. This gross oversight is fixed tomorrow, when the free "Legends of the Lawn" update launches for Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

If you were to seat me at a table and arrange in front of me a colorful flag and a delicious taco with guacamole and tomatoes and cheese and beef (or meef, I'm easy), which one do you think I'd gladly let you remove from that table? I do not suffer Taco Bandits.

Taco Bandits is, quite un-coincidentally, the name of the new capture-the-flag type game mode in tomorrow's free PVZ:GW update. As is their lot, Plant players defend Crazy Dave's grilled tacos, setting up defensive perimeters and turrets and such. Meanwhile the Zombies spawn troops in hopes of overwhelming those defenses through sheer numbers. Or as a distraction. Whatever it takes.


Along with the new game mode, "Legends of the Lawn" adds new customization options, new character variants and several other nouns preceded by the adjective "new". PlayStation players will also be getting all of the content from the "Suburbination" update released prior to the game on Sony platforms.

I'm continually impressed by the amount of free content Popcap produces for this game. All this, and free tacos? Get out of town.

The "Legends of the Lawn" update hits Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and PS4 tomorrow.

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Peanut Butter Pinecone

Why is this being revealed through PlayStation instead of through PopCap's youtube? Did Sony pay up to have the PlayStation logo on every 3rd-party multi-platform game advertisement and commercial? This happened notably with Destiny, but also with the Diablo III expansion and a recent FIFA 15 commercial. I'm disgusted Sony would do this and/or 3rd-party companies would allow their games to be advertised this way. Stripping the PlayStation's blue ribbons before and after the ads and instead adding "Available on: ... " would be more beneficial to the actual game.