What Will Gaming Be Like In Ten Years?

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Hollywood super producer Jerry Bruckheimer (not pictured) has seen the future. And it's gamey.


Bruckheimer, who has produced movies like Bad Boys and Armageddon, is a movie business wizard. He knows what he's doing. His latest picture is a big screen version of video game Prince of Persia.

"I really believe in the next 10 years you won't be able to tell the difference between movies and games," the producer tells website HeyUGuys. "Games will be so realistic."

Hopefully not Mario games!

Bruckheimer has created his own game studio called JB Studios. It has yet to release any titles, but we imagine their games will let players flip things over and then blow them up just like Bruckheimer's films. Kaboom!

UK Exclusive Interview with Producer Jerry Bruckheimer on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [HeyUGuys via CVG]


Bruckheimer doesn't know what he's talking about. Production cost is going to be the big bottleneck in the video games industry, and unfortunately, I don't think we're far from hitting that point. The industry can't be composed entirely of games with blockbuster movie budgets, and that's exactly what will happen if the future of gaming is total photoreality.

Of course, I don't think the technology will be close to that in 10 years time. We're still trying to get mouths to move properly and skin to look natural, and even games that have been lauded for quality in those areas (Mass Effect comes to mind), there's still a fairly large hint of uncanny valley to them.