Watch Us Play Assassin's Creed Origins For 30 Minutes

Kotaku’s editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo and, uh, whatever-I-am Tim Rogers played Assassin’s Creed Origins for 30 minutes. We made some jokes and had a pretty great time.


There are no story spoilers whatsoever in the video! We simply give you a tour of the game-playing experience.

Come listen to us discuss the architectural differences between mazes and labyrinths and ponder corrective bird optometry as you watch us ride a camel (whose IQ you cannot level up), stab a couple guys in the sides of their heads (they did something bad), swing swords, mind-control an eagle, and solve a burning philosophical riddle: “Would they put a pyramid in an Assassin’s Creed game if you couldn’t climb it?” (Spoiler: They wouldn’t.)


Without irony, I just want to say, right here, that this game looks amazing. I am going to play it until its post-ancient Egyptian wheels fall off, though only when I have one of those new game consoles that outputs 4K (maybe I’ll buy myself an Xbox One X for Christmas). That’s going to be my excuse for playing Super Mario Odyssey first.

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Let’s all hope that this game actually bothers to further the metaplot because it hasn’t really progressed since AC3 outside of Juno, an AI made from the consciousness of an alien who was let loose on the internet, popping up once a game to act act all mysterious and talk vaguely about her “grand plan” for humanity.