Watch Close To A Full Hour Of Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

Today, Square Enix gave us our longest look yet at Final Fantasy XV, a game that I now believe actually exists and will come out within the next two years.

You undoubtedly know the long, storied history behind the game once called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and if you've been following along with news on the fifteenth Final Fantasy, a lot of this footage will look familiar to you. But this is our first extended look at how the game will actually play, so it's worth a watch to see what the various menus and interfaces look like.

Straight gameplay starts at around 34:00 in the video above. The commentary is all in Japanese, and the footage is all from the demo—Episode Duscae—which will come out alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on March 17. I'll have impressions from the demo as soon as possible, and hopefully I'll be able to answer the question that most fans are asking: whether or not it actually feels like a Final Fantasy game. (I'll also be reviewing Type-0 HD, which will hopefully be worth our time with or without the demo.)


So what do you think... could FFXV make it here by May 2016, the tenth anniversary of Versus XIII's announcement? Is that too much to ask?

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I'll hold off until the Demo comes out. However the more and more I see of Type-0 the less and less I care about the Demo really as Type-0 looks all sorts of fun and the work they've put into upgrading it to HD looks quite impressive.