Victorious Torchlight Creators Like The Idea Of Torchlight 2

Two of the creators of PC darling Torchlight won the Best Debut Game trophy at the 2010 Game Developer's Choice Awards. Backstage after winning, they explained how to succeed on PC, considered Torchlight 2, and ... I got Pokemon tips.

This is one of a series of Kotaku video interviews with many of the award-winners and special honorees from the Game Developers Choice Awards. Check out the rest of our GDC Backstage clips, featuring the creators of some of the world's best video games.


Video shot by Adam Barenblat for Kotaku.



I really don't understand why people assume that sequels are automatically bad, most of the time. Just because someone repeats something that works and is enjoyable doesn't mean they're selling out, right?

Then again, I'm the kind of guy who doesn't understand why everyone thinks sniper/recon guys are noobs, either. So maybe there's some bit of popular opinion I'm not getting.

In regards to their "wow-killer" comment, it seems to me that the most reasonable course of action when making a game is to make the best game you want to make, rather then saying "how can we top X or Y?" Doing that results in what is often derivative and boring nonsense. Sure, I mean, it's the approach they took in BC2 (and man is that game buggy; three crashes on me tonight, occasional disconnects, sometimes my hud shows improperly in games...) and the game definitely has some of the best multiplayer I've seen... but still.

Why not just focus on making the game you most want to play?