Image source: Legendarii

One Zelda player was surprised to find that the worst possible hiccup can happen while trying to save Hyrule. (SPOILERS AHEAD.)

As many of you know, a “Blood Moon” is a mechanic in Breath of the Wild where the sky turns crimson, and all enemies respawn. It’s the game’s way of keeping the overworld stocked with enemies, basically.

While the Blood Moon can hit at annoying times—say, in the middle of clearing an area—Twitch streamer rwntv discovered that it can also unfold while the player is trying to defeat Ganon:

Note that in this case, rwntv dwindled Ganon’s HP to a sliver of health, only to have this bullshit unfold. Once the Blood Moon concluded, Ganon appears to have regained his health.


It’s hard to imagine that Nintendo intended for something like this to happen, and there may be evidence to suggest Blood Moons are actually glitched, judging by player reports on social media. Some are reporting getting Blood Moons often, in the span of a single day, which doesn’t seem right.



We reached out to Nintendo to ask if the current Blood Moon mechanic works as intended, but they did not respond in time for publication.

Even without these complications, Blood Moons have proven divisive among fans. It’s not exactly fun to have everything regenerate, especially in a game as difficult as Breath of the Wild. On the other hand, cooking during Blood Moons grants food bonuses, and theoretically the event can also prove useful for farming items from enemies.

The mechanic is probably not going away, of course, it would just be nice if players had the security of knowing it won’t hit during the most important fight in the entire game.