Top World of Warcraft Guild Boots Raider Over Sabotage Scandal

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In World of Warcraft, major guilds race to pull off world firsts in new raids. It’s serious business. There are, however, limits. One member of a guild called Method thought it would be cool to sabotage another top guild’s efforts. It was not.


Jadelolz, a member of Method, hatched a plan to prevent a rival top guild, Serenity, from running WoW’s newest, toughest challenge: the Nighthold raid on Mythic difficulty. According to PCGamesN, Jadelolz and a friend named Isabellab invited a main raider from Serenity into a group. Then they entered the raid to fuck with Serenity’s raid ID, aka the thing that tracks your progress across multiple attempts. When Serenity charged in, swords and staves aloft in pursuit of the holy grail that is making a boss fall down before other people do, they got kicked because their ID was already being used by Jadelolz and co. They couldn’t make any progress.

At first, Serenity’s members were confused. Then they were pissed.


Ultimately, Blizzard admins stepped in and teleported Isabellab, who stayed logged in to continue hijacking the ID, out of the instance. Isabellab went on to claim he was seeking vengeance against a “fan base of Serenity” for an attack on Method’s server, Tarren Mill. “The downtime Serenity had was equal to the time lost for Method,” he said. He believes he “even[ed] out the race.”

Method say they did not condone Jadelolz and co’s actions. He’s now out of the guild. “If this was Jadelolz that griefed another guild, then he did so without our blessing,” tweeted Method founder and co-owner Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan. “Removed from guild until we know more after progress.”


“Nobody will be covering anything up,” added Method community manager Darrie. “What happened, happened. Jade didn’t act as Method. He had his own agenda.”

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