Don't Look At Cops In GTA V. They'll Kill You.

The sign clearly says "No loitering" in the video above, but it's still nothing compared to, say, breaking into a military base. JaltoidGames shows us how weird and funny the police AI in Grand Theft Auto V can be, and how extremely serious they are about keeping order.


Well, this is just how things work in Los Santos. Better not stare at them next time!

F*** the police [JaltoidGames, YouTube]

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I've found that, in general, the whole population of Los Santos & Blaine County are really paranoid.

As Trevor, the other day, I respawned at the hospital and walked out. A girl on the street gets out her phone and starts a conversation...since I like the little conversations these people have, I started following her to listen to what she was saying.

A couple of moments later, she turns slightly to look at me following her. Hangs up on her phone, puts it in her pocket, and starts to run away from me.