If there's one thing we can count on, it's that some people are interested in seeing naked character models—this is true regardless of the game. In a sense, you could say there was a metaphorical timer starting the second that David Cage's latest game, Beyond: Two Souls, which stars popular actress Ellen Page, was released.

You can turn that timer off.

Earlier today, a Reddit thread by dgmockingjay popped up, and it linked to screenshots of a naked Page in M-Rated Beyond.The screens appeared to be from a debug PS3, not a conventional retail system or at least one running in a debug mode. The screenshots come from an actual shower scene in the game—but the scene never shows Page's bare breasts:

What's different in the shots today is that the person who took them was able to change the camera angles, allowing us a fuller view of Page's in-game model. To wit, the top of the screenshots say the game is running with a "QA menu," (as in 'quality assurance') activated and that the free camera is set to "true." With these settings, one can access a free-floating camera in a tester mode—which would allow someone to view Page as she appears in the screenshots (if that's what they wanted, anyway).


A Kotaku source was able to access the game's debug menu and confirmed that the nude Page model is in the game. Furthermore, they noted that while the developers seemed to have disabled a listed "cheat" functionality, presumably for progressing through the game, the free-camera functionality was left enabled. Had it been cut, they speculated, hackers would not have been able to see the full virtual nude model. Still, in case it wasn't clear, the debug mode necessary to do this isn't intended to be accessed by players, period. Most players won't be able to: we don't know about any methods to access the mode from a copy of the game running on a regular PS3 running with consumer firmware.

Of course, that someone went through the trouble to do this isn't surprising: of course they did. What's notable is that Quantic Dream rendered a fully nude Page even if they didn't show it to players. Granted, having a developer include something in a game that a player might never see isn't so uncommon.

David Cage and his studio, Quantic Dream, areknown for making games that aren't shy about including sex or nudity, often with the intent of making more mature games. Their game Fahrenheit was edited—some might say censored—of some of its sexual content for its American release. Cage's previous title, Heavy Rain, featured a protagonist that had a fully naked character model for some of the game—and there was even a glitch that rendered said model playable.

We've reached out to Sony about these screenshots and will update once we hear back. For now, it's worth noting that Beyond: Two Souls uses the same type of highly-advanced motion capture featured in the movie Avatar. Describing the process of utilizing said technology to Fast Company, Cage said that Quantic Dream "gather[ed] all possible information about the actor’s body.” Additionally, earlier this year the European version of the game was modified such that "the more graphic content is shown from a different angle and not visible" according to Derek Osgood, a marketing manager at Sony.