This Is No Ordinary Thor's Hammer Prop. It's Actually Electric.

Making Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, as a prop is one thing. Lots of people have one of those. hackaday wanted to go further than that.

From the YouTube description:

I worked with Staci Elaan to build this hammer that has a solid state tesla coil inside. When you push the button, 80,000 volts of electricity arc from the top.

It will light up any flourescent bulbs around, scare children, and leave the smell of ozone behind. It is super fun!


Here's how he made it:

Still a prop, but a very cool prop. And with that, my friends, I send you off into the weekend. Feel free to talk about whatever you'd like, either here in this open thread or over in the spiffy Talk Amongst Yourselves.

See you next week!

DIY high voltage Thor's Hammer: Mjolnir at 80,000 volts [hackaday]


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