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Incredible 20-Second Tetris Game Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Are you ready to see something incredible? I'm not sure you're ready. Get ready. Are you ready now? Okay. Check this business out.


There's playing Tetris, and then there's PLAYING TETRIS. This video, of a Tetris "sprinter" who goes by Keroco, falls into the latter category.

Mental Floss has a more in-depth breakdown of what's happening, but basically: Sprinters try to clear 40 lines in Tetris as fast as possible. Here, Keroco cranks out 40 lines in 19.68 seconds, the first time anyone has ever beaten the 20-second barrier.


Also recommended: Check out Keroco's YouTube page, which documents the slow climb toward perfection. I don't even know what else to say about this. Good gravy.

20 Seconds of Tetris Madness [Mental Floss via Washington Post, h/t grapefrukt]

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Zoey Zarnick

I uh..I......*is at a loss of words*

Somebody quick, use a meme that sum's up what I'm feeling! =O