Since the launch of both the DS and Wii, five games published by Nintendo have sold more than twenty million copies. Can you guess which ones?

If you said Brain Age, you're close (18 million), but wrong. Mario Kart DS? Close again, at 17.9 million, but just as wrong. No, the five games to reach this amazing milestone are:

New Super Mario Bros. - 22,490,000
Nintendogs - 23,260,000
Mario Kart Wii - 22,550,000
Wii Play - 27,380,000
Wii Fit - 22,610,000


You can write off Wii Play's sales as being heavily influenced by the inclusion of a controller. And Nintendogs because there were multiple variants. But the others? No getting around the fact they make even Modern Warfare look like a flop.

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