There's An XCOMish Narcos Game, Which Just Might Work

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There’s already one game based on Netflix’s excellent series Narcos, and it sucks. The second game, though, is looking a lot more promising, as it’s a turn-based tactical combat experience similar to XCOM.


Announced today, the game is out in Fall 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. For a licensed game coming so long after the show’s last airing, it looks OK! Given the nature of Narcos’ shootouts and factions, a tactical game like this is actually a pretty good fit.

Interestingly, it’s being developed by Kuju, who once took an established turn-based tactical series (Advance Wars) and made it real-time (Battalion Wars). Let’s see how they go turning an action-packed TV show into a slower, turn-based experience.

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