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We may earn a commission from links on this page

The Year In Video Game Trailers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Movie trailers suck. They lie, and they spoil. Game trailers, on the other hand, are an artform.

Once derided as a smoke and mirrors show, being barely representative of the titles they were trying to sell, many game trailers have since moved beyond this trapping and become something more: short bursts of creativity and innovation, whether using real actors of stunning computer graphics, leaving us with some of the most entertaining sequences of the year in video games.


While we agree it's a touch absurd to be acknowledging these clips at the expense of the game's they're trying to sell, trailers - many of which end up as cinematic sequences in the game's they're promoting - not only play a big part in people's awareness of a title, but at their best are enjoyable in their own right.


With that in mind, then, here are our pick of the best video game trailers for 2010. Please note that we've selected these based on the quality and strength of the trailer itself, not the game these clips are representing. There's no overall winner, nor are they placed in any particular order. Just...enjoy as you find them!

Deus Ex
Dragon Age 2 - Extended Cut
Wow Cataclysm: Intro
Left 4 Dead "The Sacrifice"