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It's a popularity contest. A global one. The BBC had a total of 24,090 citizens from 22 countries polled about which countries they thought were "mostly positive" or "mostly negative".

Here's the top five:

5. China
4. UK
3. Canada
2. Germany
1. Japan

The United States was number eight, being edged out by France and the EU (which, uh, isn't a country, but whatever). Could be worse, I guess!


Rounding out the top ten were Brazil (at nine) and India (at ten). Read the full report in the link below, which has a country-by-country breakdown. Fascinating stuff.

Don't worry, America. I like ya. <3

Views of Europe Slide Sharply in Global Poll, While Views of China Improve [GlobeScan]

(Top photo: grafica | Shutterstock)

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