These beautiful compendiums are must-buys for Walking Dead fans, and the perfect way for those new to the series, or even to the medium, to jump in. At only $25/piece, no reason to hesitate in adding these to your collection.

The Walking Dead: Compendium One | $25

The Walking Dead: Compendium Two | $25

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The latest Humble Weekly features games featured in past Indiecades. Indiecade East 2014 is currently running at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, and I definitely encourage you to go if you live in the area.

Reasonably priced name brand 4KTVs may still be on the horizon, but affordable 4K monitors are quickly coming within our grasp. This 28" Dell 4K Monitor is down to $560 today, and a great deal if you're dying to get 4K on your desk. [Dell]


The 31.5" ASUS is decidedly more expensive at $2700, but that's also a $900 discount, and man is it pretty. [Amazon]

Today you can pick up the excellent GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition camera for just $244. We don't expect it to last long.

GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition | $244


  • Titanfall | $48 on GreenManGaming | 3MCRLE-CG7AF1-G7T08U
  • Titanfall | $48 on Gamefly | GFDFEB20

Xbox One

Xbox 360

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You have countless options when selecting a watch, but if you're looking for something simple, versatile, cheap, and stylish, here are a couple solid options.



Xbox One









Home Theater


Gaming Peripherals

PC Parts



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