You are looking at an optical illusion. It's been doing my head in all day. Do you know which direction the woman is spinning?

Is she spinning clockwise? Counter-clockwise? Or does she suddenly change directions? Try blinking and see what happens.

Maybe she changes direction. Maybe not. It depends on how you see.

The Spinning Dancer optical illusion was created by Japanese web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara way back in 2003. You can see the full illusion above, running at its original speed. It's well-known, and, for example, there's even an page on the illusion and a New York Times explanation on how it works.


I'd never seen it before. Recently, the illusion has once again captured the imagination of people online in Japan, thanks to a thread on 2ch, the country's largest web forum.

If you cannot figure out how the illusion works, one 2ch user posted this GIF that might help you understand how you're seeing the Spinning Dancer.

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