The Philadelphia 76ers Buy Two Esports Teams

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Hot off one of the worst seasons in NBA history, the Philadelphia 76ers invests in a different sport entirely. The team has purchased controlling stakes in Team Dignitas and Apex, merging them into a single esports team managed and maintained by the professional sports organization.


Team Dignitas, an esports powerhouse founded in 2004, and League of Legends’ stars Team Apex are merging into a single entity under the Dignitas name, with the Sixers handling all aspects of day-to-day management—sales, merchandising, marketing, branding and publicity. Team Dignitas manager Greg Richardson will serve as chairman of the combined team.

The move makes the Philadelphia 76ers and its ownership the first traditional sports team to own an esports team (sorry Manchester United). Hopefully the new Team Dignitas will have more success under the Philadelphia 76ers banner than the actual basketball team, who went 10 and 72 last season.

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Mike Fahey

My favorite bit from the press release:

  • The Philadelphia 76ers (despite winning only 10 games last year) were ranked No. 2 in the NBA in Customer Service, based on Season Ticket Member surveys.