The Peter Dinklage Destiny Lines We’ll Miss Most

In just a couple of weeks, Peter Dinklage will no longer be in Destiny. Let’s take a moment to remember him.


A couple of weeks ago Bungie announced that Dinklage’s character, Ghost, would be recast for the upcoming Taken King expansion. In addition, Bungie is taking the unusual step of having Ghost’s new actor, voiceover veteran Nolan North, re-record all of Dinklage’s old lines in addition to the new ones. Peter Dinklage’s Ghost is about to become, well, a ghost.

The first time I heard Dinklage’s Destiny performance—waaaaay back during the Alpha last summer—I wasn’t a fan. But I’ve played so much Destiny since then that I’ve become oddly attached to the actor’s often flat, sometimes charming, generally not-great, entirely distinctive performance. It’s funny, how time works.

“I guess THAT was their fail-safe.” “We’ve woken the hive!” “Careful, its power is dark.” “The World’s Grave... not ours.” It’s to the point that I’ll be talking to Jason Schreier and I’ll say something about time, and he’ll respond, “Time? That can’t be right.”

I won’t be able to help but miss Dinklage. I’m sure Nolan North will be fine in the role (just today we got a brief preview of how he’ll sound), but Destiny just won’t be quite the same.

Yesterday I cut together this video compiling some of our favorite Peter Dinklage Destiny lines. Join us, as we take a trip down memory lane…

Eyes up, Dinklebot.

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As much as I like the new Nolan 343 Guilty Spark impression, I still have absolutely no issue with Dinklage’s performance. He was given shit lines to say, and he said them as I expected a robot to say them; with just a hint of emotion. You can only do so much with bad/corny writing, and Dinklage’s deadpan delivery is what made some of those bad lines so great!