1994's NBA Jam Has Been Updated For 2017

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If you want to play the 1994 Tournament Edition version of NBA Jam, but use LeBron James and Steph Curry instead of Shawn Kemp and John Stockton, then Hogs With A Blog have done you a great service and modded today’s superstars into yesteryear’s classic game.


Playable via a SNES emulator, NBA Jam 2k17 is a roster hack designed to reflect 2017's lineups (though not teams and logos, so the Thunder are still Seattle, etc), features classic players like Jordan, Kobe, Bird and Ewing, and also a new cast of secret playable characters including...Donald Trump, Kanye West and Harambe.

There’s a link to where you can get it at the end of the trailer below.

UPDATE: Headline updated to reflect this is Tournament Edition.



But, why?
NBA Jam is like a digital timecapsule of everything that was the 90s.

to wit: I honestly forgot all about Scotty Pippen if it hadn’t for me replaying this game just recently.