Think what you will of the recently-unveiled Nintendo 2DS, but at the very least we can't say that it's a hardware reveal that went unnoticed—Nintendo's curiously-designed budget handheld started getting reactions from the internet almost immediately.

Even just the headlines announcing the handheld anticipated bafflement or reacted to the console—we wrote that the 2DS name was not a typo, the PA Report and Tiny Cartridge both made sure to say that the whole thing wasn't a joke, and Tech Crunch called it "hideous."

Our commenters seemed to echo some of these sentiments. "It looks a bit ugly, and I hate the fact that they're doing away with the 3D," DianaStyles wrote. "This feels like a strange move by Nintendo to be doesn't fold," Atomizer thought. "I'm sorry, but folding is so much cooler than none-folding," Balmut opined, presenting the following GIFs as evidence:

This image was lost some time after publication.

And then of course, there's the social media reaction—Twitter in particular is buzzing about the 2DS.

There are YouTube reactions, too. Like this one by Kona Carter:

And yes, of course, there's Photoshops. The 2DS kind of looks like a doorstopper, doesn't it? Redditor trshmstr thinks so, anyway.

Or maybe it's more like a dustpan, BransonKP thinks.

Many, like neoGAF's Farrow, compare the 2DS to an ax.

Here's a good one, courtesy of The Drunken Moogle:

Check out this peculiar...uh, whatever this is by michaelmore-swag.

I'll leave you with two reaction GIFs, one from alr1ght, and the other from Canti: