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The First PS4 + Vita Bundle Isn't That Great

Illustration for article titled The First PS4 + Vita Bundle Isnt That Great

Given the way both handhelds are able to interact, along with the fact their handheld hasn't been selling that well, it was inevitable that Sony would eventually start selling the two devices together. Which they now are. Only it's not that great a deal.


Sony Europe have confirmed that a bundle including both the PS4 and Vita - rumoured earlier in the week - will be on sale as of today, priced at "a little under £500". As Eurogamer point out, however, that constitutes a saving of "around £10" on their individual prices, meaning it's not exactly a huge incentive if you weren't already planning on getting both machines at once anyway.


Still, it's early days. I'm sure one day, someone, somewhere will make a game that uses both consoles together in a neat and compelling manner, and a bundle can come along that not only saves people some cash, but presents a decent argument for wanting to own devices in the first place.

Sony confirms PS4 and Vita bundles for under £500 [Eurogamer]

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Might as well get that insane Amazon Vita bundle and then wait a while until PS4 drops in price at a store this Holidays or early next year.