Dragon Ball Xenoverse lets players create their own custom characters, which they can then insert into classic DBZ storylines. The character creator is pretty robust, too—which also means that players are having a lot of fun with the tool.

Some players like to make their DBZ characters riff off real people, places, or things. Other players just like to crack jokes with their usernames. Others like to recreate already existing characters—take this swole-as-hell version of Krillin, for example, which was spotted by oswaldtraveler. I bet this Krillin doesn't die easily!


Here are some of the silliest/worst/best things that the internet has created with Dragon Ball Xenoverse:

Kacarrot, by JustABowlOfCurry.

Pikabuu, by GoodEnding28.

Honey Buu Buu, by jwaite1.

STEEL BEAMS by argylescafe. Subtitle: "Kamehamehas cant melt steel beams #wakeup."

Captain Falcon, hanging out with NOTORIOUS F A P, via mysticshaymin.

The Hulk, as spotted by teilwal.

John Cena, spotted by xefyre.

Bruce Lee, via Camerafestival.

Hentai Power and Mario, as seen by mysticshaymin.

Scorpion, via MedalofHonour15.

Source: this-is-lackluster.

(Brock, via themizland)

Captain Planet, as seen by spiderslash.

Ryu, as spotted by johnfkinglennon.

I always knew Kanye was a Saiyan. Via mephedup.

Barack Obama, as spotted by runningwild.

Frieza's codpiece, via victoryspoon.

Via nek0-gami.

Via dangos-mangos.

Via prinsaws.

Via kashi-kakes.

Via tfwnogeass.

Source: unknown.

(Via chazz251)