Mega Evolutions let Pokemon trainers take it to the next level...but not all Mega Evolutions are made equal. Some are better than others! Let's discuss, shall we?

Obviously, if you don't want to be spoiled on what some of the new, unannounced Mega Evolutions should probably stop reading now.

Okay. Let's dig in! Starting with the Mega Evolutions we already knew about, or were leaked ahead of launch, some highlights:

Mega Charizard X


Sorry, Charizard Y. You're just a slightly different version of normal Charizard. At least Charizard X is a not only a different color, but also lets Charizard become a dragon type...finally!

Mega Kangaskhan


Okay, this one doesn't even feel fair. It's not that the design is particularly's just the baby Kangaskhan, you know? It's cute. Damn you, baby Kangaskhan.

Mega Tyranitar


Those spikes, man. They really do something for Tyranitar‚ÄĒit looks more menacing, yet cool. Plus, you can play soccer with this Pokemon in Super Training. Win.

Mega Ampharos


Two words: Fabio hair.

And now onto some new ones...

Mega Houndoom


(Image via Serebii)

This is not a dog you want to mess with, and not just because it can breathe fire. I really like how it seems as if its body is draped in bones, too.

Mega Pinsir


(Image via neoGAF)

A trend emerges! The best Mega Evolutions are either gorgeous and elegant...or they look like they could wreck you. Mega Pinsir, it's safe to say, falls into the latter category. Normal Pinsir looks downright goofy by comparison.

Mega Alakazam


(Image via netjoven)

I kind of went back and forth on this one, but I think I've decided I like the design. So many spoons, held by a thing that kind of looks like the Earl of Lemongrab from Adventure Time. Which is to say: this design dances between being silly and being awesome. That's a hard thing to pull off, if you ask me.

And that's it for highlights. Let's talk about the awful Mega Evolutions.

Mega Lucario


That's right. I went there. It feels like overkill to Mega Evolve this Pokemon, if not predictable. There are so many rad Pokemon to choose from, why go with this one? Meh.

Mega Gengar


(Image via Quin)

Ah, this one hurts. Listen: I adore Gengar. But this Mega Evolution doesn't really do Gengar any favors; Gengar doesn't look cooler. It just takes on a weird shape. And what's that thing on its forehead?

It's also a bad sign when your shiny version looks worse: shiny Mega Gengar is white, which means it looks like a tooth. Sigh!


Mega Blastoise

(Image via Marriland)

So Blastoise gets a bigger cannon...and it still shoots lasers out of its mouth instead. Eh.


Mega Manectric

(Image via KingsizeMKu)

Man. What's going on with this Pokemon's head? Whatever it is, I don't like it.

Mega Garchomp


(Image via Pheonixmaster1)

At least Lucario is just fan service‚ÄĒI can understand that, to some extent. Garchomp was already one of the most powerful/broken Pokemon around though. Why Mega Evolve it? Thumbs down.

These aren't all the Mega Evolutions available in the game, of course‚ÄĒif you'd like to see a full list of the ones the internet has found so far, make sure to visit Serebii. They can tell you where to find the stones, too.


What are some of your favorite Mega Evolutions? Got any you hate? Any you wish got the Mega treatment instead of these ones? Tell us in the comments.