Pre-order The Banner Saga, which releases tomorrow, for $15 and get The Insane Viking DLC for free. Use code GFDJAN25. [Gamefly]

Update: Unfortunately Gamefly's $5 off deal on The Banner Saga expired moments before our post went live, but you can still hit it with the code for 25% off.

Once the Playstation Store updates this evening, you'l be able to take advantage of Sony's latest huge sale. Read more.

Need more storage for less money? Of course you do. Grab the Seagate Backup Plus 4TB External Hard Drive for $125, its lowest price ever. It seems like only yesterday $160 with the deal price on a 4TB external. [Best Buy via eBay]


If what you're lacking is USB ports, Anker has you covered (as usual) with their 5-port family-sized desktop USB charger. Grab it in black (40W) for $26 or white (25W) for 20 bucks. [Amazon]

This is the granddaddy of ~$100 subwoofers. The five egg rating doesn't lie, and I can vouch for this one personally. - Shep

Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer | $70 After $30 Rebate


Newegg has a number of games including Dying Light for $5 off if you pre-order. It's your prerogative of course, but we think we'll find you better deals in the long run.






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